Re: Alinco mobile mike search

Randy WB4SPB

EMS-55 mics do not seem to be mentioned often online.  But maybe you have some other choices.

I found a ad for an already-sold DR-M06 that showed it was offered with a "stock" EMS-11 microphone.  The Alinco service manual for this radio (p25) also indicates EMS-11 as the stock mic.

This Alinco FAQ page does not mention the DR-M06 specifically, but it does suggest that the EMS-11 microphone is replaced by EMS-12A (a multifunction mic) or EMS-5 or EMS-53 (plain mics, whatever that means).  Unfortunately, EMS-12A doesn't seem all that common either.

EMS-57 looks like a current product offered by many vendors and lots of eBay sellers.  One of its features is that it is "backlit", which I guess refers to the buttons on the mic.  It's possible the "backlit" feature won't work or might draw too much current for your radio ... I didn't find any definitive online answer to this question.

The Alinco Parts & Service page lists a technical support email:  alincosupport@...

You might ask them whether EMS-57 is usable with your radio.

Caveat:  I know nothing about Alinco products specifically... I just asked questions of the search engines.

Randy WB4SPB

On 9/6/2019 9:33 AM, C-K Refinishers wrote:
The mike is Alinco ems-55, the radio is Alinco dr-m06.    6 meter radio

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